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What is a Level 2 Home Care Package?

This is the most common type of aged care package in Australia. A Level 2 Home Care Package is suitable for people who need more than low-level care, but who do not have complex care requirements at this stage.

If you need a low or moderate level of support to stay independent and comfortable at home, a Level 2 Home Care Package may be ideal for you.

An HCP Level 2 ensures your needs are met by taking care of the little things. This basic assistance can help you live at home longer and put off moving into residential aged care until you are ready.

Typically, Level 2 Home Care Packages provide around 3.5 hours of care per week depending on the services you use within your budget.

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How much is a Level 2 Home Care Package worth?

As of July 2023, HCP Level 2 funding is worth approximately $18,063 per year for those eligible. This works out to be $693 fortnightly.

Any Home Care Package can be tailored to your needs. They provide you with choice, control, and flexibility within your Care Package budget.

You may need to make additional contributions if you would like to extend your care beyond what the government subsidy covers. This depends on your circumstances and the services you choose.

Note: Subsidy pricing is approximate and subject to change.

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What does the Level 2 Home Care Package funding cover?

HCP Level 2 funding helps you receive assistance for everyday tasks such as:

  • Meal preparation
  • Cleaning or domestic assistance in your home
  • Garden maintenance
  • Personal care (such as showering or getting dressed)
  • Help with your shopping
  • Transport
  • Helping with social activities, hobbies, companionship
  • Medication management services or low-level nursing care
  • Independent living aids or basic care equipment

The combination and types of services you use are customisable for your unique situation, so your health and well-being are supported as you age.

Personal Contribution

What fees do I pay for a Level 2 Home Care Package?

While the packages are subsidised by the Australian Government, your contributions may include:

  1. Basic daily fee

    This is an amount everyone can be asked to pay. It is added to the government subsidy to increase the funds available to you in your Level 2 Home Care Package budget. You do not have to pay for this. If you choose not to make this extra contribution, however, you will have fewer funds available in your care budget. This may impact the range of services your budget can cover.

  2. Income-tested care fee

    This is a contribution only some people will pay, and the amount is determined through an income assessment. Your fee will be based on your individual income, including your pension. Full pensioners and people with an income up to the amount of $28,100.80 do not pay an income-tested care fee for Home Care Packages.

  3. Care management fee

    This is paid to your home care package provider (Amana Living) and covers necessities such as a dedicated service manager, incidents management and investigations, service scheduling, financial oversight of funding, ordering and sourcing of equipment and products, ongoing assessment and care planning, clinical governance, and additional correspondence and visits as necessary.

  4. Package management fee

    This is what will help us cover other necessities related to the smooth running of your package. This fee goes towards preparing monthly statements, managing your package funding, compliance and quality assurance, and administration.

What you pay altogether will depend on your circumstances and the income assessment.

Please click the following link to download our full fee schedule for more details about Level 2 Home Care Packages costs.

Providing support and care for your needs

As a not-for-profit, Amana Living has a focus on you (our client) rather than shareholder profit. We work with you to put a care plan in action so you can live independently in your own home.

We have been supporting people in the Western Australia community since 1962. Whether you live in the Perth metro area or Kalgoorlie, we’re committed to helping you receive the highest quality in aged care services.

Amana Living is here to help and answer any questions you have regarding HCP and our affordable care services. Call our team on 1300 26 26 26 or send us an email to get started on your Amana Living journey today, or for a no-obligation, friendly chat about your options.

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