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Home care services can help you stay in your own home for longer, with more freedom to enjoy life, by providing the support you need.

Amana Living are here to provide Home Care services whatever your needs. If you are still quite independent and active, you might need only a bit of help with daily chores. Or you might need more help to maintain your independence and keep active in your local community. Later on in life, you may want help with personal care or health needs, such as physiotherapy, podiatry and nursing.

Amana Living offer a wide range of Home Care services:

How to Stay Independent Guide:
Quality Home Care Services

Aged Care can be confusing for both our customers and their family so we created this booklet to provide you with the knowledge you need to make choices about your home care or your loved one’s care


Which Care is right for me?

Depending on your needs and preferences, you may be eligible for Government-subsidised services such as Commonwealth Home Support Programme and Packaged Care.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme

For those who only need simple services such as domestic help or transport

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Packaged Care

For those who are likely to need more home care services as time goes by.

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Short-Term Restorative Care

For when you need customised health services in your home to help you get back on track

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Additional Care Services

Amana Living also provides Short-Term Restorative Care and Top Up Services if you require more.

Top Up Services

Purchase additional services directly if your funding doesn’t cover all the services you would like to receive

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Value Interim Package

Purchase this package to cover while your ACAT is being assessed or to add to your existing packaged.

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How much does Home Care cost?

If you are approved for a Home Care package, you will be given one of four different levels of funding.

These funds will be paid into your package by the government for you to use on approved services via your home care provider.

Funding levels


$22.66 a day in funding ($158.62 weekly)


$41.22 a day in funding ($288.54 weekly)


$90.62 a day in funding ($634.34 weekly)


$137.77 a day in funding ($964.39 weekly)

Associated fees

Basic daily fee

17.5% of single aged care pension ($10.43 daily). This fee is determined by the Government.

Income tested fee

Payable if your income is over a particular amount as determined by the Federal Government.

Administration fee

Amana Living charges an administration fee of 10% and an hourly rate for services.  This adminstration fee and hourly rate of service are paid out of your package of funding from the government.

Fee reduction

You may apply for the Daily Contribution Fee amount to be reduced if you have high medical and health related costs or are in financial hardship.

If you think you may be eligible for this fee reduction please speak to our customer service team on 1300 850 146.

NB: Reducing this daily fee will reduce the amount of funds you have available to use each day.

What is provided for the 10% Administration fee?

  1. Initial set up and assessment including care plans

  2. Excellence in Clinical Governance
  3. Wellness checks
  4. Annual review of goals
  5. Administration and office support


Hourly Rates

Below are the hourly rates that you will be charged from your home care package. Our minimum service time is 15 minutes and you are only charged per minute thereafter.  Many other providers charge a minimum of 30 or 60 minute increments.

Care Support Worker

Weekdays $68.00 per hour
Evenings $78.76 per hour (from 5pm to 8pm)
Saturday $98.09 per hour
Sunday $113.14 per hour
Public holidays $158.31 per hour


Weekdays $93.65 per hour

Service Menu

Commonwealth Home Support Programme

The services below are available to clients who are eligible to receive Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) funding. We will help you work out which services you need and arrange for those services to be delivered.

Packaged Care

If you are eligible for Packaged Care, the range of services available to you is too wide to list here. Your package of services will depend on what you need and want, and the funds available in your budget. Our skilled Client Service Managers can help you work out what would best meet your goals.

Here are some examples of the range of funded home care services we can help you to access, in addition to those listed above:

Top-up Services

Contact us to discuss the services you would like to receive over and above those you are eligible for under CHSP or Packaged Care

What is home care?

Home care is the name for a range of care and services that help you, or the person you care for, to continue living at home for as long as possible. Services range from weekly help around the house to a daily visit to provide nursing or personal care.

How much does it cost?

If you access Government-subsidised services, the cost is the same, whatever services you choose. This will be worked out according to your individual circumstances. Any unspent funds accumulate for you to use later on.

How do I know what I’m eligible for?

Depending on your needs and preferences, you may be eligible for Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) or Packaged Care. We can help you find out what you are eligible for. We can also arrange top-up services if you want more than the services available to you under subsidised care. 

Why would I go to Amana Living for my home care services?

As your needs change, the services you receive at home from Amana Living can also change. We will work with you to determine the best combination of services for you and the most cost-effective way to access those services. We will make sure they are delivered at the right time by skilled and friendly staff.

Where does Amana Living home care operate?

We operate across the Perth metro area and in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Can I talk to someone about Amana Living Home Care?

We welcome phone enquiries. We won’t give you the ‘hard sell’. We’re here to guide you as to the best options for you. Please call us on 1300 26 26 26.

I can't thank you enough for your support. Mum and I value and appreciate your professionalism, kindness and understanding. 

Jonelle Kapsalos
February 2017

I just wanted to say thank you for spending the time with me yesterday to go through things about Katie, it is very  much appreciated, and also nice to know that I am sort of on the right track...

I also appreciated you asking me how I was, how I was coping and how did I feel... that was really nice and it is something that people never ask me and I sometimes feel that I am just expected to do what I do ‐ so thank you!

I have some good ideas from our meeting so will start to put them in place and see how we go.

Again, thank you for everything, I really appreciate your friendship and the support you give me...

Sharon Hoes
June 2015


Thank you so very much for all your support and help with Dad from the start of his care with Amana Living. We have been extremely fortunate to have you as Dad’s care coordinator and are eternally grateful for all your help and especially for giving us Vimala!!


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