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About Us

Amana Living is one of the largest providers of aged care services and retirement living for West Australians.

We provide a full range of aged care including affordable housing for seniors, residential aged care, home care, day clubs, and dementia services.

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We provide a full range of aged care including affordable housing for seniors, residential aged care, home care, day clubs, and dementia services.
About Us

Our aim is to provide the highest quality services in the communities we serve.

Amana Living is a non-for-profit organisation, established by the Anglican Church in 1962.

We are the only major aged care provider in WA with its own Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Amana Living Training Institute. 

We carefully select staff for their natural kindness. 

Professionally trained. Naturally kind.

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Our History

In 1962, two dedicated Anglicans, Archdeacon Frederick Guest and Mr Jack Davies, explored the idea of an Anglican aged care organisation.

They found the idea to be sound and submitted a plan to the Most Reverend Robert Moline. The Archbishop agreed, and Anglican Homes was born.

Anglican Homes was a great success, with nursing homes and villages (what we now call care centres and housing) popping up all over Perth.

Then, in 2006, a change was made to ensure that everyone felt welcome. Anglican Homes became Amana Living – an inclusive organisation with Anglican roots.

It was important to keep Anglicanism central to what we do because it isn’t part of our name now, and so we defined our Anglican Essence.

Our name, Amana Living, represents our philosophy:

  • Amana means truth, integrity, nurturing.
  • Living means helping our residents and clients to optimise their quality of life, with an emphasis on personal enrichment.
Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision

To be your provider of choice.

Our mission

To excel in providing Christian care, accommodation and services to older Western Australians.

Our values

Compassion — We respond to people's needs with care and empathy.
Justice — We treat each person fairly and honestly.
Hope — We are optimistic in the face of every challenge.
Inclusiveness — We welcome people from all walks of life.

Philosophy of Care

At Amana Living, we strive to enrich the mind, body and spirit of those we care for by:

  • Adopting a person-centred approach which incorporates Amana Living’s 3Rs;
  • Generating a sense of passion and energy about people living their life to the full;
  • Supporting residents/clients, their families and representatives to exercise informed choice about the care services they receive and be inclusive of those parties they wish to include;
  • Creating opportunities for people to stay connected with past friendships and to develop new ones;
  • Providing support to maintain relationships (including intimate);
  • Appropriately supporting residents/clients with diverse needs;
  • Supporting residents’/clients’ diverse needs through the provision of care and services that are responsive, culturally safe, and encourages personal identity and inclusiveness;
  • Providing safe and effective services and support for daily living that meets the emotional, spiritual and psychological wellbeing of our residents and clients;
  • Providing effective personal and clinical care that is best practice, tailored to the needs of individual residents and clients, and optimising health and holistic wellbeing;
  • Creating opportunities to improve and restore physical abilities and mental agility so that people can keep fit, active, involved and independent wherever possible;
  • Treating our residents, clients and representatives with dignity and respect while maintaining their privacy;
  • Encouraging feedback to improve our care and services;
  • Supporting people to explore and develop their spirituality.
Awards & Recognition

Amana Living is a multi-award-winning organisation.

We are proud to have received the following state and national awards:


WINNER ACSA 2018 Innovation in Service or Design


WINNER IHHC Rosemary Pirie Award 2016 Excellence in Hotel Services


WINNER ACSWA 2014 Excellence in Care

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