About Us

Amana Living is one of WA’s largest not-for-profit providers of care, accommodation and support for older people.

It is the principal aged care organisation of the Anglican Diocese of Perth and has been serving the community since 1962.

Our services are spread across Perth metro, Mandurah,Australind, Kalgoorlie and Albany. The organisation’s desire is to help older people truly live the second half of their lives. We strive to enrich the mind, body and soul of those we serve which includes both the person being cared for and also assisting the family in what can be stressful and emotional times.

Our Anglican Essence

All are welcome at Amana Living.

The cross in the centre of the Amana Living kite represents the Christian foundation upon which Amana Living is built.

The kite is divided into four sections to represent the values which guide us: Compassion, Inclusiveness, Justice and Hope

From the Chairman

The 2016/17 year has been one of change and growth at Amana Living.

Our CEO Stephanie Buckland has immersed herself within the organisation in the last 12 months, and the Board has welcomed her fresh approach and commitment to delivering an even better experience for our clients.

The Board endorsed the Strategic Plan developed by Stephanie and the Leadership Team. The Plan directly responds to the Government’s progressive deregulation of aged care services, which is creating an environment of increased consumer choice and greater competition.

As anticipated, changes in Government policy had a significant impact on Amana Living’s operations in 2016/17. The adjustments to the Aged Care Funding Instrument for residential care and changes in funding for home care packages have contributed to a reduction in the organisation’s financial surplus. As a not-for-profit organisation, surpluses are re-invested in the business to improve Amana Living’s accommodation and services.

The changes have also impacted clients with older people now facing greater complexity when it comes to their aged care journey. The deregulation of home care in February 2017 has seen an increase in providers entering the market and left many older people confused about how to obtain home care services. We have also seen a significant increase in waiting time for people in need of a home care package.

Amana Living’s response has been to ensure our home care team is well equipped to educate and assist potential customers about the new system. We also introduced a modestly-priced feefor-service package to support clients who are waiting for a Governmentfunded package to be assigned. Our range of home care services was also expanded to offer Interim Hospital Packages, Short Term Restorative Care and Flexible Respite.

To support Western Australians’ goal to age in place, we’ve partnered with property developer Blackburne to deliver Perth’s first multi-age precinct. Amana Living will offer home care and concierge-type services to residents of Blackburne’s Claremont on the Park development. The offering will include health care services such as nursing, physiotherapy and podiatry as well as domestic services like cleaning, laundry, shopping and dog walking.

In 2016/17 there were some changes to the composition of Amana Living’s Board. We welcomed Tim Urquhart in November 2016. Tim, who is the General Manager of Curtin University’s Greater Curtin Development, brings valuable property development experience to the Board.

At the end of the financial year we also said goodbye to one of our longest standing Board members, Karen Field. Karen served on Amana Living’s Board for 15 years and she made a substantial contribution to our organisation, particularly as Chairman of the Board’s Governance Sub Committee.

Thank you to the Board, Amana Living’s Leadership Team, employees and volunteers for your ongoing commitment and dedication to helping Amana Living become the provider of choice for older Western Australians.

Steve Scudamore


From the CEO

Since joining Amana Living a little more than a year ago, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of our employees and clients.

I’ve been very impressed by the professionalism and dedication of our employees. Everyone is united by Amana Living’s purpose and there’s a real sense of camaraderie, with everyone pitching in and supporting each other to ensure the best possible service for our clients. I’ve found it really energising.

As a CEO who is new to both the organisation and the industry, I’ve taken the opportunity to take a fresh look at the way we serve our clients. I’ve met with many of our clients and their families to understand what Amana Living is doing well and what we can do better.

The feedback from our clients has been invaluable in developing a new Strategic Plan which will guide Amana Living’s activities over the next five years. We’ve reaffirmed our Mission to excel in providing Christian care, accommodation and services to older Western Australians and we’ve established a new Vision which is to be the provider of choice.

In order to achieve our vision, we need to offer an outstanding client experience, meeting people’s needs with compassion, enthusiasm and a high level of expertise. And we want to support our clients throughout their entire ageing journey, providing appropriate services as their needs evolve.

The Strategic Plan identifies clear priorities that will be the focus of the next five years. This includes upgrading and expanding several of our residential care facilities and retirement villages and increasing the range of home care services that we offer. We will look at efficiencies to ensure that Amana Living remains financially sustainable in the future.

If we’re to become the provider of choice, we need to invest in our people. In the last year, we’ve reengineered our training programs with a significant emphasis on further developing the care skills of our direct care workers and the leadership skills of our management team.

We’ve also re-launched our registered training organisation, the Amana Living Training Institute – which trains Amana Living employees and members of the general public to help meet the sector’s demand for a skilled workforce.

In the past year, we’ve strengthened our clinical governance systems to ensure that we are continuing to deliver high standards of care.

It’s an exciting time for Amana Living and I’m confident we are moving in a direction which will enable us to serve the Western Australian community for many years to come.

Stephanie Buckland



Growing Home Care Services

Amana Living offers a wide range of home care services and this year has seen these services continue to evolve and expand as we respond to changes in Government policy and consumer demand.

In February, the Government introduced significant reforms by deregulating the home care market in Australia. The changes, called Increasing Choices in Home Care, saw home care funding allocated to the client instead of to an approved service provider.

The aim was to give the older person the power to choose their home care provider and also to make it easier if they want to change, for example if they move to a new area.

The reforms give older people greater choice and control over their home care, making it a much more flexible and fair system. Previously they would have been offered a home care package by an approved provider, and wouldn’t have been able to change the provider without losing unspent funds.

A new national prioritisation process was also introduced which saw all eligible clients go into a national queue. Home care packages are then allocated based on need and how long people have been waiting for care.

The reforms have had both positive and negative effects on Amana Living’s business. The allocation of new home care packages has been quite slow. This means some clients are not able to access services as soon as they need them. In response, we introduced a Value Interim Package for those customers who wanted home care straight away and had the capacity to pay for it privately.

A new service introduced in 2016/17 was Short-Term Restorative Care. It provides older Western Australians with a range of health-related services to optimise their wellbeing and independence. The program is appropriate for our clients who need a customised health service in their home, for example physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy, social support and much more. As part of the service, a dedicated coordinator works with the customer to develop a goal-oriented care plan and arranges support services to be delivered for up to eight weeks. We expect shortterm restorative care will continue to grow with the Government’s focus on encouraging people to remain living at home for longer.

We were also approved to provide Flexible Respite via the Commonwealth Home Support Program. This service is to support and maintain relationships between carers and their loved ones, providing good quality respite care for frail, older people so that carers can take a break.

The latest introduction to our service range is a short-term home care package aimed at people being discharged from hospital. Known as the Interim Hospital Package program, it is funded by the WA Department of Health and enables older people to safely return home after a hospital stay through the provision of home care support for up to three months.

We’ll continue to expand our range of home care services so we can serve a broad section of the community, reinforcing our commitment to be the provider of choice for older Western Australians.


CEO Stephanie Buckland, Hon. Ken Wyatt, Chairman Steve Scudamore

Short-Term Restorative Care

In February Amana Living hosted The Honourable Ken Wyatt, Minister for Aged Care, at the Lefroy Care Centre in Bull Creek.

Minister Wyatt announced 475 Short-Term Restorative Care places nationally to help older people recover from illness or injury, preventing them from having to prematurely enter residential aged care.

Amana Living was allocated 35 of the initial places, allowing us to extend the benefits of the restorative care program to people living in northern and south-western areas of Perth.

In a speech, Minister Wyatt said restorative care “increases the care options available, particularly where a more targeted and intensive program of care is likely to lead to an improvement in a person’s ability to continue with ordinary day-to-day tasks, as well as their general health and wellbeing.”

Minister Wyatt praised Amana Living on the work we do, saying: “Amana Living is already very experienced in providing restorative and transitional care, and has an existing multi-disciplinary team and strong allied health alliances. Amana Living is extremely well placed to implement the program in this region.”

Generations Unite At Amana Living

Intergenerational partnerships are a great way for older people to remain connected to and engaged with their community. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for the generations to spend time together and learn from one another.

Many of Amana Living’s day clubs, care centres and villages have built strong relationships with early childhood centres and schools. From taking part in story-time to learning how to send text messages, clients have enjoyed the emotional and practical benefits of spending time with younger people.

At Club Catherine King in Osborne Park, people living with dementia formed strong bonds with four-year olds from Unicare Early Childhood Centre.

Over three months the children would join the day club clients every Tuesday morning, taking part in singing, drawing, story-time, bingo, and crafts.

Staff said it was fantastic to see the generations coming together and the relationships blossoming. Clients have loved having the children visit and their faces light up when they walk through the door each week.

The program was initially inspired by a story on the Intergenerational Learning Centre in America where a nursing home had been combined with an Early Childhood Centre.

At the other end of the school age group, high school students from St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School have volunteered their time to run the Connect program which provides technology lessons for residents from nearby Moline Village and Lady McCusker Village.

The aim of the Connect program is to increase the digital literacy and social connectedness of the residents. Since taking part, many of the residents have said their confidence with technology has grown substantially.

One resident involved in the program has learned how to read and send text messages as well as how to search information about her favourite musicians and search the internet for information on how to prune roses.

The Connect program has enabled residents to learn about technology in a stress-free and inclusive environment, increased their social connections with family, other residents and the wider community, and given them access to information and services they never had before.

Volunteer Kevin Knott with residents Kay Russell and Ina Sly

Volunteer Feeds Body And Soul In Kalgoorlie

Can you imagine cooking a barbeque with 90 sausages, 90 beef patties and a big bowl of onions every month?

That’s exactly what Kalgoorlie’s Kevin Knott does for residents and staff at Amana Living’s Edward Collick Home.

Kevin has been volunteering at Edward Collick for four years and finds joy in spending time with residents, feeding both body and soul.

Originally from Coffs Harbour in NSW, Kevin and his wife moved to Kalgoorlie five years ago to be near to his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

He visited Edward Collick with a local Anglican minister one day and decided to keep going as he enjoyed the social interaction with the residents.

“I can chat with anyone and get a great deal of pleasure from making people happy. Some of the residents don’t get a lot of visitors so it’s nice to give them something to look forward to,” said Kevin.

Cooking is not the only thing Kevin turns his hands to at Edward Collick. He also helps residents to visit the hospital for appointments, takes part in the regular church service, and spends quality time with people who just want some company.

“I’ve become part of the family at Edward Collick and it’s lovely to see people’s faces light up when they see me. I’ve gotten very close to the residents and we can talk about anything.”

Kevin’s commitment to the residents at Edward Collick was recognised in December 2016 when he was presented with the Health and Services Award for outstanding achievements to volunteering in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Kevin concludes, “It was fantastic to get the award but I just enjoy what I do and have made some great friends.”

Her Excellency Hon. Kerry Sanderson AC, Stephanie Buckland, Steve Scudamore

Leading The Way In Training

The next generation of people coming into aged care are in safe hands with the official opening of the Amana Living Training Institute in Rivervale by Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AC Governor of Western Australia.

The Amana Living Training Institute will help meet the training needs of the aged care sector which has seen the number of jobs more than double year on year. Western Australia has a growing ageing population, and organisations like Amana Living must continually evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers.

With aged care identified as one of the priority training areas in the WA State Training Plan 2017-2020, the Amana Living Training Institute has a big role to play in developing a skilled workforce of aged care professionals in WA.

The Amana Living Training Institute has already commenced training, with more than 180 students already enrolled.

Courses available include Certificate III in Individual Support specialising in either Ageing, Home and Community Care or Disability and Cert IV in Ageing Support; short courses in first-aid, safe work practices; palliative care, dementia care and medication management.

All students are trained by experts who are all practicing health care professionals and the course content is regularly reviewed by Amana Living’s clinical and care teams, as well as major care providers, regulatory bodies and industry partners.

The client-focused programs are available to other aged care and disability providers, public students and individual employees, and are compliant with Registered Training Organisation standards and regulations.

All qualifications are nationally recognised and acknowledged by all Government organisations and other care providers in Australia, meaning the qualification is transferable across the country.


In 2016 Amana Living launched Tune into Life, an innovative music program that uses personalised playlists to help people living with dementia to reconnect with special memories and loved ones.

It was piloted at our two specialist dementia care centres and an experienced music therapist was employed to create personalised playlists. The music is loaded onto iPods and played via headphones to block out extraneous noise.

The pilot was a success and showed the positive impact of personalised playlists. Clients who took part in the trial were happier and enjoyed better relationships with our staff, as well as their loved ones, through listening to music together.

As a result, Amana Living decided to roll out the program across all our care centres in Perth and Kalgoorlie.

To support the expansion, we created the Tune into Life iPod Drive and have asked the local community to donate pre-loved iPod shuffles or make a financial contribution to help 1,000 people living with dementia to take part in Tune into Life.

We’ve also partnered with Anglican schools including St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School, All Saints College and Peter Moyes Anglican Community School to help encourage students to get involved in donating to the program.

Amana Living’s Tune into Life program is inspired by the US Music and Memories initiative which has helped thousands of individuals struggling from dementia and other chronic cognitive and physical impairments reconnect with family, friends and caregivers through its personalised digital music program.

To get involved, donate or read more about the program please go to:

www.amanaliving.com.au/ tuneintolife

Staff Organise Artist’s First Art Exhibition At The Age of 90.

Staff at Amana Living love helping our clients to follow their passions, and discover new ones. It’s part of our commitment to enriching the mind, body and soul of those we serve.

The team at Peter Arney Care Centre in Salter Point, led by Diane Winship, organised an art exhibition for their resident – William (Bill) Morrison. Bill discovered his passion for art in retirement and held his first ever exhibition at the age of 90.

Bill was born in Scotland and spent his childhood between Dundee, Glasgow and White Hills in Fifeshire. At 18, he joined the British Army and became an officer of the Royal Artillery. He enjoyed a 20-year military career before becoming a newspaper executive working for the likes of Pearson’s Publishing Group, then owner of the Financial Times.

Bill moved from London to Perth in 2007, having split his time between the two cities since retirement. He lived with his sister Alice, who was a passionate artist and sculptor. Bill took an interest in Alice’s painting, accompanying her to the art group she attended which was run by Lee Baillie.

Fifteen years later, Bill held his first exhibition - a collection of 40 artworks at Amana Living’s Peter Arney Care Centre in Salter Point. It was just days before his 91st birthday and was attended by Bill’s family (including twin nieces who flew in from Melbourne to surprise him), eight friends from his original art class, a former neighbour, residents of Peter Arney, and Amana Living staff.

Bill has generously donated some of his artwork to Amana Living which are proudly displayed in our Subiaco office and at Peter Arney Care Centre.

Diane Winship with William (Bill) Morrison

Long Service Awards:

Name Years
Rebecca Aquilina 10
Dianne Baker 10
Kerry Bland 10
Gwenda Boyland 10
Christine Cobb 10
Evy Cornelius 10
Carol Cox 10
Leonie Demunck 10
Marlyn Dollaga 10
Claire Drake-Brockman 10
Annie Evangelista 10
Marilyn Garcia 10
Carolyn Hearne 10
Catherine Holmes 10
Audrey January 10
Abhishek Lal 10
Donna Lewis 10
Mary Miduku 10
Samantha O’Hara 10
Lidia Oosthof 10
Nenita Payne 10
Angeline Pennoh 10
Peta Petch 10
Anita Pfaf 10
Neville Roberts 10
Marian Rodrigues 10
Steven Ryan 10
Fatemeh Samadian 10
Hatefeh Samadian 10
Binaca Somaratne 10
Leah Tapping 10
Fortunata Tassone 10
Sarah Walsh 10
Jennifer Wells 10
Angela Allen 15
Mary Bensley 15
Emmalee Byrne 15
Katrine Clarke 15
Robert Etheridge 15
Andrew Floyd 15
Linda Fowler 15
Leonie Greenslade 15
Sharon Jack 15
Veena Odhavji 15
Angela Rushforth 15
Jane Sheldrick 15
Sandra Vaguez 15
Tarresa Van Der Wedden 15
Christine Fleming 20
Suwannrat Gray 20
Celia Kerr 20
Maureen Kneafsey 20
Margaret Linning 20
Linda Mortimer 20
Carylle Waites 20
Diane Fontanella 25
Teresa Kennedy 25
Jane Thomas 30
Suzanne Bennet 40

3Rtist Awards

Our staff culture is based on the 3R’s – being the Right People, doing the Right Things, and working in the Right Way. The Right People make a positive choice to work for Amana Living, they follow set procedures but always look for a better way. Doing the Right Things means turning every encounter with residents, clients or their families into an opportunity to connect and enrich their day. Those who pitch in with a smile are working the Right Way to support their team. Employees nominate their peers each month to receive a 3Rtist award. To celebrate their achievements the winners are announced at the yearly Amana Living Awards Night and Staff Ball. The 2016 winners were Eugene Hands, Anthony Heslop, Terry Walsh and Marta Justat.

Eugene Hands, Graham King from HESTA

Anthony Hestop, Terry Walsh, Graham King from HESTA

The Board

Board Members at 30 June 2017:

Mr Steve Scudamore

MA (Oxon), FCA, SF Fin, FAICD

Appointment: 2010

Position: Chairman

The Venerable Braden Short

JP, MSocSci, BDiv, BEd, Grad Cert Ed Leadership

Appointment: 2015

Position: Board Member

Mr Ian Ludlow


Appointment: 2003

Position: Deputy Chairman

Position: Deputy Chairman,Treasurer, Chair Finance & Audit Sub-Committee.

Mr Tim Urquhart

Bachelor Architecture (Honors)

Appointment: 2016

Position: Member

Mr Damian Gordon


Appointment: 2013

Position: Board Member

Mrs Karen Field


Appointment: 2002

Position: : Member, Chair Governance Sub-committee

Dr Robyn Lawrence


Appointment: 2013

Position: Board Member

Dr Peter Rudolph


Appointment: 2010

Position: Board Member


Summary of Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income for the financial year ended 30 June 2017









Investment revenue

Other gain and losses













Employee benefits

Catering and food supplies

Maintenance and repairs


Other expenses from ordinary activities













Expenses from Ordinary Activities



Profit/(loss) from Ordinary Activities



Total Profit/(loss) for the year



Other comprehensive income

Net value gain on available-for-sale financial assets

Transfer from specific purpose donation







Total Comprehensive income for the year



Summary of Consolidated Statement of Financial Position as at 30 June 2017







Total Assets

Total Liabilities

Net Assets

Total Accumulated Funds









*Prior year restatement

Reclassification of Retirement Living Investment Properties and Ingoing Contributions for Lease for Life

The Group has reclassified Retirement Living Properties from Property, Plant & Equipment to Investment Properties and ingoing contributions for Lease for Life as a liability. In addition, the Group has elected to change the method of accounting for investment properties and Lease for Life at fair value. The Group believes that this provides more relevant information to the users of its financial statements and is more aligned to practices adopted within the industry.

The Group has applied the reclassification and revaluation model retrospectively in accordance with the accounting standards.

Amana Living - Financials Overview

McCusker Donation To Unique Dementia Nursing Service

The McCusker Family and Stephanie Buckland (CEO)

A $100,000 donation from the McCusker Charitable Foundation to Amana Living will help the organisation to keep the vital and free McCusker Nurse Service going.

Since its inception in 2011, the McCusker Nurses have supported around 2,000 carers of people with dementia. The service, staffed by experienced registered nurses specialising in dementia, was created to reduce carer burden by providing expert advice, information and education.

“There are more than 33,000 people in WA living with dementia and a large number are cared for by their loved ones in the community. This places a huge stress on the carer, and they can often feel alone, confused and overwhelmed.

“Clients have told Amana Living that the McCusker Nurses give them encouragement, help when there is no-one else to turn to, comfort and perspective. This generous donation from the McCusker Foundation will ensure Amana Living can continue to provide support to carers of people with dementia, offering a lifeline in what can be a distressing time.”

In WA, the number of people living with dementia is expected to grow by almost 300 percent over the next 40 years. This is the highest growth rate in the nation according to Core Data, and Amana Living expects demand for the McCusker Nurse Service will continue to grow.

Tonya McCusker added, “We have heard first hand from people caring for loved ones with dementia, how important a service this is. To have a caring, informed nurse available to answer critical questions during this difficult period in life is so important. Malcolm and I are delighted to play a small role and commend Amana Living for their commitment to aged care.”

The McCusker Nurse service was developed by Amana Living and is funded by the McCusker Charitable Foundation, Perpetual Trustees and Amana Living Anglican Foundation.

Thank you! By enriching the lives of others, you enrich your own life too.