Our Philosophy of Care

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At Amana Living, we strive to enrich the mind, body and spirit of those we care for by:

  • Adopting a person centred approach which incorporates Amana Living’s 3Rs;
  • Generating a sense of passion and energy about people living their life to the full;
  • Supporting residents/clients, their families and representatives to exercise informed choice about the care services they receive and be inclusive of those parties they wish to include;
  • Creating opportunities for people to stay connected with past friendships and to develop new ones;
  • Providing support to maintain relationships (including intimate);
  • Appropriately supporting residents/clients with diverse needs;
  • Supporting our residents’/clients’ diverse needs through the provision of care and services that are responsive, culturally safe and encourages personal identity and inclusiveness;
  • Providing safe and effective services and support for daily living that meets the emotional, spiritual and psychological wellbeing of our residents and clients;
  • Providing effective personal and clinical care that is best practice, tailored to the needs of individual residents and clients and optimising health and holistic wellbeing;
  • Creating opportunities to improve and restore physical abilities and mental agility so that people can keep fit, active, involved and independent wherever possible;
  • Treating our residents, clients and representatives with dignity and respect while maintaining their privacy;
  • Encouraging feedback to improve our care and services;
  • Supporting people to explore and develop their spirituality.
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