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In 1962, two dedicated Anglicans, Archdeacon Frederick Guest and Mr Jack Davies, explored the idea of an Anglican aged care organisation.

They found the idea to be sound and submitted a plan to the Most Reverend Robert Moline. The Archbishop agreed, and Anglican Homes was born.

Anglican Homes was a great success, with nursing homes and villages (what we now call care centres and housing) popping up all over Perth.

Then, in 2006, a change was made to ensure that everyone felt welcome. Anglican Homes became Amana Living – an inclusive organisation with Anglican roots.

It was important to keep Anglicanism central to what we do because it isn’t part of our name now, and so we defined our Anglican Essence.

Anglican Essence has seven characteristics:

  1. Guided by faith: the Anglican Church and Christian values form the foundation stone
  2. Service ethic: we are here to serve others, not to make a profit
  3. Inclusiveness: we cherish diversity – everyone is welcome
  4. Philosophy of care: you can read this here
  5. Organisation ethos: we work as a team and make a difference every day
  6. Symbols: we are respectful of all things sacred
  7. Collaboration with the Diocese and Church: we are part of the Anglican community


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