Amana Living runs a regular Shopper Bus Service every Monday to Friday, 9am to 3.30pm. Our friendly bus drivers collect seniors from home and take them to a major shopping centre where they can do their grocery shopping, have a browse or meet friends for coffee and a chat. Clients can choose to use the service weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Pat from Marangaroo has been using the Shopper Bus Service for many years and goes on the bus to Kingsway City Shopping Centre once a fortnight.

Pat said: “The service is real life saver as I can’t get out to do my shopping otherwise. My family are working and busy doing this and that, so the Shopper Bus Service means I can do my food shopping.

“It’s mainly the same people on the bus every fortnight, so I’ve got to know them all and I help one particular lady do her shopping by wheeling the shopping trolley for her.

“I’ve even got to know my back neighbour! I didn’t know who lived behind my house as we’ve got a high fence between us but she got on the bus one day and explained where she lived. That’s when I realised she was my neighbour!

“I’d encourage anyone to take advantage of the Shopper Bus as it’s a great service.”

Amana Living also operates a Shopper Bus Club which visits additional destinations such as Bunnings, Ikea and Spotlight. A program is provided to clients on a quarterly basis.

The Shopper Bus Service and Club are COVID safe as all staff have undertaken mandatory COVID-19 infection control training. Our vehicles are cleaned regularly, paying particular attention to high touch areas, and all staff are required to follow the Government’s guidelines regarding physical distancing, hand hygiene, and cough and sneeze etiquette. In return, all clients are required to participate in our COVID-19 screening process before taking part in the service.

Seniors may be eligible to attend through government subsidised programs, such as the Commonwealth Home Support Program and Home Package program. It can also be paid for or through a fee for service arrangement. To learn more about the Shopper Bus Service, contact the Kites Service Coordinators on 1300 020 161.