Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. This ethos is deeply embedded in our culture and the way we deliver care and support to thousands of Western Australians every day.

The experience of our customers is driven by our staff, and it’s why we take immense pride in the people who work for Amana Living. 

They show incredible care and compassion, often in difficult circumstances, and hold deep and meaningful connections with those they serve.

We put a huge effort into making sure we choose the right people to work for us, people who are naturally kind but also have the right aptitude and the experience for aged care.

We invest heavily in their training, ensuring every single staff member has access to highly qualified trainers by a professional training organisation; the Amana Living Training Institute

We are the only major aged care organisation in WA to have its own Registered Training Organisation, so you can be assured of our expertise.

Our chaplains embody this professionally trained, naturally kind approach.

The Reverend Doctor Elizabeth Smith, AM, Chaplain for Amana Living in Kalgoorlie reflects here on what this means when delivering pastoral care.

"Aged care chaplains have theological training. We can wrangle the Bible and the Prayer Book to lead a simple service in a chapel or at a bedside. We have pastoral care training, so we listen carefully and don’t give too much advice. We know how to leave our own news, traumas or obsessions at the door, ready to tune in to whatever the person we are visiting wants to talk about."

"Chaplains’ professional training means we are trusted to enter Amana Living’s care centres and villages. We understand how to work in a complex environment, about balancing risk and freedom in an organisation. We are clear about how authority works in various systems. We tune in to the spirit of the organisation, as well as to the individuals who live in, work at or visit an aged care home or a retirement village."

"Kindness is when a chaplain listens cheerfully to the “dad jokes” of a resident, or admires the photos of the latest great-grandchild. Kindness remembers the favourite hymns or Sunday School choruses of the faithful chapel attenders. Kindness sits holding the hand of the dementia patient who no longer has any words. Kindness gives time generously to the family member distressed by their loved one’s declining health. Kindness sits gently at the bedside of someone who is dying, or offers a hug (infection control permitting!) to a staff member whose personal life is up and down. Kindness listens with equal warmth to stories told many times over, or for the first time ever."

We’re celebrating people like Elizabeth who are professionally trained and naturally kind in our latest advertisements for Amana Living. We’re delighted to put them front and centre of our marketing efforts as they are what makes Amana Living different.

If you would like our professionally trained, naturally kind staff to support you or your loved ones to live independently, contact our friendly team on 1300 26 26 26