Update 22 January - 1.31pm

  • The power supply for Edward Collick Home and Muschamp Village has been switched to the City of Kalgoorlie’s generators managed by Western Power.
  • Western Power has advised there will be some outages to allow for planned maintenance on the generators, as well as to address any faults.
  • We will work closely with Western Power to effectively manage the power supply to Edward Collick Home and Muschamp Village to minimise any impact on both locations.
  • According to Western Power, it may take between eight to 10 days to fully restore the mains power so we will continue to manage the situation over that time.
  • Kalgoorlie staff are being supported by our central emergency team, plus an Amana Living Maintenance Supervisor has travelled to Kalgoorlie today. Amana Living’s General Manager of Residential Care, Michael Donnelly, is also heading to Kalgoorlie tonight to provide additional support.
  • We will closely monitor the situation until full power is restored to the care centre and village.
  • All residents remain well and are being cared for by our dedicated team.

Please visit the Western Power website for information on the power outage at Kalgoorlie and surrounding areas.

Update 19 January - 11.46am

Please find an update for Amana Living residents, clients and families following the ongoing power outage impacting the Goldfields region.

Edward Collick Home and Muschamp Village

· Power was restored to Edward Collick Home and Muschamp Village on Thursday evening (18 January).

· All residents are safe and their care remains our top priority.

· In light of the situation, we have taken proactive measures to ensure we have sufficient supplies. Food and snacks have already been delivered and more is on its way so everyone has access to nutritious meals.

· We will continue to operate power via a generator until the mains power has been restored by Western Power.

Home Care

· Our dedicated team is conducting welfare checks on vulnerable clients to assess individual needs and provide necessary support.

· We are contacting Easy Meals customers to check if anyone needs meals before the regular delivery on Tuesday.

· If you have been impacted, please reach out to your Client Service Manager, Tricia Laatz, for assistance by calling 1300 26 26 26. Tricia is available to address concerns, provide guidance, and ensure you have the support you need.

Day Club

· The Amana Living Day Club in Kalgoorlie is open today and welcoming clients.

We will continue to provide updates via this page. Please visit the Western Power website for information on when power will be restored to Kalgoorlie and surrounds.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Update 18 January - 6.38pm

We’re pleased to confirm that power has now been restored at Amana Living’s Edward Collick Home and Muschamp Village in Kalgoorlie. We are grateful to BHP for providing us with a generator which enabled us to return power to both locations.

Thanks to our dedicated and hardworking staff, all residents at Edward Collick Home are safe and comfortable. The wellbeing of Muschamp Village residents and Amana Living home care clients are also being monitored by our staff.

The Goldfields continue to be affected by the power outage. Please visit the Western Power website for updates on when power will return for the wider community.

Update 18 January - 1.45pm

All residents and businesses in Kalgoorlie are experiencing a widespread power outage following significant damage to local infrastructure caused by a storm.

The power and phone services at Amana Living’s Edward Collick Home and Muschamp Village have been impacted by the outage. Our staff are supporting all residents and everyone is well.

We understand Western Power is working hard to restore services; however, they are unable to provide a time for when this will occur. In the meantime, we are working with local partners to source alternative power.

We will continue to provide updates via this page.