Amana Living scores high satisfaction and NPS scores

Every year we ask residents and their families for feedback about the quality of Amana Living’s residential care services so we can make sure we’re meeting their needs. Curtin University conducts the surveys to ensure the feedback is collected independently, and the results are expertly analysed.

This year, Curtin surveyed around 300 residents and family members about the performance of each Amana Living residential care centre. Overall, the feedback was positive with 93% of residents and families satisfied with Amana Living’s services, with the feedback consistent across the majority of Amana Living locations.

Amana Living also received a positive Net Promoter Score, which measures the likelihood of the resident or family member recommending Amana Living. An NPS score is measured on a scale of -100 to 100.

On average, Amana Living scored an NPS score of 51 for residents and 48 for next of kin. This score is well above the average for residential care homes in Australia. This is based on research undertaken for The Catalyst Project, which surveyed over 5,500 people online and found an average NPS score of 17 for residents and -5 for family.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Curtin University survey as it gives us valuable insights into how we can continuously improve the care and service we provide at Amana Living.

We encourage residents and families to always provide feedback to us, either directly to the care centre’s service manager or via our website, and by participating in the survey conducted by Curtin University.