Amana Living has sixteen lifestyle villages and retirement villages offering a range of facilities.

Lifestyle villages offer independent living in stylish villas, along with the benefit of shared amenities. At different villages amenities include a mix of swimming pool, gym, bowling green and putt putt course.

Retirement villages have a mix of villa and apartment accommodation. Most of Amana Living's retirement villages have community centres where residents can catch up over a cup of coffee or participate in activities.

Explore our villages in this section of the website, or call us to find out more: 1300 26 26 26.

To be eligible to enter one of Amana Living’s Retirement Villages, you must be over 55 years old.  Furthermore, some of the villages are reserved for individuals with assets of less than $300,000.

For further information please click on the eligibility section of specific villages or contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 26 26 26.

Amana Living has five villages that operate on a lease-for-life arrangement and ten villages that operate on a partly refundable ingoing contribution basis.


When you move into a lease-for-life retirement village, you are purchasing an exclusive lease and have the benefit of capital appreciation on the property.

As well as having a secure home, you pay a modest operating fee and deferred management fee so that you can enjoy the benefits of a retirement village.

  • A daily operating fee covers the cost of all external maintenance and the common costs of running the village.
  • A deferred management fee gives you access to all the communal facilities, and allows for future upgrades to the village. This fee is deducted from the proceeds of the resale of your property when you leave.

There are five Amana Living lease-for-life villages in great locations: Karrinyup, Salter Point, Duncraig, Mandurah and Treendale in Australind. 

Ingoing contribution

Accommodation in one of Amana Living’s ten partially refundable ingoing contribution retirement villages requires the payment of an ingoing amount, part of which is refunded on departure.

The amount that is paid and the amount refunded are different for each village.  In addition to this, a daily operating fee is charged for maintenance, gardening and other operating costs.  The resident also covers the utility costs for their unit.

For further details please click on the pricing tab of individual villages, or contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 26 26 26.

What style of housing does Amana Living offer?

Amana Living offers three types of housing for over-55s:

  • Lease-for-life: you purchase an exclusive lease and pay operating and management fees
  • Bonded units: you pay a contribution when you move in, which is partially refundable when you leave
  • Rental units: you pay a weekly rent and, in some cases, a small, non-refundable ingoing contribution

How much will it cost me?

The lease prices for units in our lease-for-life villages are based on current market conditions. In addition, a modest weekly operating fee is charged to cover the cost of external maintenance and shared facilities. When residents leave the village, a deferred management fee is deducted from the sale, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of refurbishment. This fee is based on 3% of the sale price for every year you lease the unit, capped at 10 years.

When you move into bonded accommodation, you pay an ingoing contribution. Part of this amount is refunded when you leave. The contribution and refund vary from village to village. Rental prices vary for the different types of units and from village to villages.

For both bonded and rental units, you pay a daily operating fee to cover external maintenance, gardening and other operating costs. Residents also cover the utility costs for their unit. 

Please click on the pricing tab for individual villages for more detailed information. 

Why would I choose Amana Living housing?

Our housing is designed for people living the second half of life. This means peace of mind, a great lifestyle and financial security.

We provide the services that help you stay in your Amana Living home as your needs change. You get to live alongside like-minded people, without the daily worries of home maintenance and gardening, enjoying shared amenities for socialising and keeping active. Pets are welcome too.

How can I find the housing that’s right for me?

When you choose a home, you’re choosing a way of life that will be meaningful to you and reflect your individual lifestyle. We want to help you find the right home in the right location, with the support and surroundings you want.

Use our interactive map to browse our locations and go to the menu links for further information on each centre.

Can I talk to someone about Amana Living housing?

We welcome phone enquiries. We won’t give you the ‘hard sell’. We’re here to guide you as to the best options for you. Call 1300 26 26 26 and talk to our friendly Customer Service Centre staff.

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