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14 Dec 2017

A specialist dementia care centre in Kinross recently hosted a sensory extravaganza in a bid to help residents reconnect with loved ones.

Amana Living’s Kinross Care Centre organised a SENSEational celebration event for residents and their family and friends to enjoy together.

Residents and their guests were invited to take part in meditation, put their personal touch on an interactive art installation, enjoy a cuddle with two therapy Greyhounds, and ‘squish, pop and crunch’ their way through a sensory walk.

There was also Pilbara Yarns song and storytelling sessions, plus performances by violin virtuoso, Dr Paul Jansz.

Amana Living activities assistant and event organiser, Tanya Knott, said she created the event to provide a fun way for residents to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Tanya said: “Sadly many residents in aged care don’t get as many visitors as they would like, so we hope this event will provide an enjoyable and purposeful way for families to spend quality time together.  It was a really fun event that also provided vital sensory stimulation for those residents living with dementia.”

The event was supported by the following organisations:

  • Kinross SUPA IGA in Connolly  
  • Bella’s Cupcake World
  • MesaBand
  • Scent to Rescue  
  • Dr Jansz
  • Boots the Greyhound
  • Neverending Designs  
  • Creative Soul
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