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08 Mar 2017

Dementia Care on 6PR

Louise Jones, Amana Living’s dementia care specialist, and Greg Massam, General Manager of Marketing & Commercial Services, appeared on the Afternoons with Simon Beaumont show on 6PR this week. This was the second interview as part of the Navigating Aged Care with Amana Living series and focussed on dementia care.

Lou and Greg provided information about what dementia means, signs of dementia, how to get a diagnosis, and the care and support available to people living with dementia as well as their families.  They also gave advice to callers about issues like how to approach a conversation with parents about a potential dementia diagnosis through to the types of services available for people living at home with dementia.

You can listen to the interview on dementia care Part 1 here and Part 2 here. And if you’d like to speak with a dementia care expert at Amana Living about the support and care options available, call us on 1300 26 26 26.


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