Amana Living CEO handover captures media imagination

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02 Aug 2016

It's an exciting time in aged care, and especially for Amana Living, as Stephanie Buckland takes over the CEO role from Ray Glickman.

As Stephanie and Ray work together for a two-week handover period, WA Business News saw an opportunity to get the two leaders together to discuss the future of care and services for over-55s. During the interview, Stephanie said of Amana Living:

"Everything I have heard has been positive about the organisation's culture, in particular the focus on caring for the residents, the clients, and doing that in a very creative and innovative way, and I think that is going to be very important. Increasingly there will be competition in the industry and we have customers becoming more discerning."

If you are a Business News subscriber, you can read the full article here: Leadership transition's creative edge

You may also be interested in their article on technology and health care, which mentions Amana Living's new eConnect 'telecare' service for people living at home with health needs: Technology personalises healthcare


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