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08 Jul 2016

Amana Living staff have hearts of gold. Many employees make regular donations from their pay towards the Staff Giving Fund, which is dedicated to projects that enrich the lives of residents and clients.

At Hale Care Centre in Coolbellup, the fund has enabled Service Manager Freeman Figgins to turn a courtyard area into an attractive space that offers both sensory stimulation and a place to relax.

The Waratah Courtyard has new outdoor furniture, a vertical garden and water-wall feature, potted fruit tree and herb garden, new planters and paving, ornaments, an upgraded fish pond/aquaponics tank and new reticulation. Most of the new plants are rare or high conservation status native flora, sourced from “Friends of Kings Park” fundraisers.

“People here have tons of good ideas for the project,” said Freeman. “Our maintenance staff are looking for a nice fountain that fits the area, and we recently put in herbs and climbers to add interest to a blank wall near the aquaponics tank. As the garden gets more established, we’ve had several staff and visitors, and even residents donating their own plants to the garden. It’s starting to look really nice.”

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