Treendale residents take pride in their village

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24 Aug 2015

Amana Living Treendale is a special kind of retirement community, reflecting the Amana Living philosophy. Residents live life with passion and energy, get involved in decision-making, connect with one another, keep fit and active, and have a lot of fun. 

Their new village gazebo represents this spirit. Dreamt up and built by the residents themselves, the gazebo was made possible by the Amana Living Staff Giving Fund. Money raised is dedicated to projects that enrich the lives of residents and clients at Amana Living care centres and villages. 

Treendale residents salvaged some of the materials from the building works being carried out as the next stage of the Treendale development nears completion. This initiative fits with the Amana Living commitment to reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint by minimising waste. 

The project was driven by Dave and Deana Back and Jim Bertenshaw, and the result is a meticulous and beautifully crafted construction. 

In true Treendale spirit, residents were in the gazebo as soon as it was finished, celebrating another gathering place in the village. They already enjoy socialising in The Club – a leisure centre at the hub of the community. A men’s shed will be the next project to be completed. 

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