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24 Aug 2015

Amana Living has welcomed a leader in the health sector into the new role of General Manager Health Care. The position was anticipated as a result of increasing demands as health care needs rise. Chief Operating Officer Suzi Cowcher outlines the thinking behind the new portfolio.

There are currently 32,000 people living with dementia in Western Australia, and this is set to increase by 14 per cent over the next five years and double by 2050. At the same time, the oldest of the large ‘baby boomer’ population is now approaching their 70s. The result is an increasing pressure on clinical services.

Amana Living has anticipated this trend by growing our clinical team and investing heavily in vital, innovative programs that better support older people and help to prevent deterioration of their physical and mental health.

This has included the introduction of transition care, which has created a platform to develop restorative care across our organisation and to be more proactive in the space between hospital and home.

We are also developing our ‘dementia hubs’ with more services for those living with dementia and their carers; and we have introduced a ‘lifestyle program’, which looks more closely at the activities that will help each individual in our care to be more fulfilled.

With clear synergies across these areas, we saw great benefit in bringing them together under a single health care portfolio.

Amana Living has grown its team of highly skilled clinicians and experts in dementia, restorative care, clinical services, lifestyle and volunteering. The new portfolio provides greater opportunities to collaborate and develop innovative approaches to support current and future residents and clients. We anticipate this portfolio growing further as it develops new service approaches and builds a strong research base.

The new GM Health Care, Tim Nayton, has responsibility for all clinical, dementia and lifestyle services, and will eventually oversee our transition care sites as well. He will be working closely with our internal clinical services team, as well as looking for opportunities to collaborate with like organisations, universities, hospitals and suppliers in order to extend the depth and breadth of the services/supports we offer.

Tim will also work closely with our General Managers for Residential Care, Zenith Zeeman, and Home Care and Housing, Maria Davison. As older people are tending to stay at home for longer and enter residential care later in life, not only have the clinical requirements for home care services increased, but the acuity of needs in our care homes has also risen. Quality clinical services are therefore needed across all these divisions, as well as lifestyle options and specialist dementia services.

Tim has wide experience of leading large-scale operations within or connected to the health care environment and a real passion for clinical governance. We are delighted to welcome him and will invite him to elaborate on our health care services in future editions of Amana Life as this exciting portfolio evolves.

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