At Amana Living, we’re incredibly proud of the dedication and support of our volunteers. More than 170 volunteers generously give their time to our residents and clients across 32 Amana Living centres located in Western Australia.

Just last year, our volunteers delivered a staggering 10,925 hours across a broad range of activities, including arts and crafts, social support, outings, men’s sheds and chaplaincy services. Our volunteers are part of the team, they make a real difference to our residents and clients, and enjoy positive relationships and rewarding connections with the Amana Living community. Read more to discover why volunteering is good for you, and how you can become involved as a volunteer at Amana Living.

Why volunteering is good for you

Volunteers often talk about getting more out of volunteering than what they give, and that’s certainly true when you look at the impact volunteering can have on your health and wellbeing.

Many people know that volunteering is good for your mental health. People who donate their time to charities make new friends, feel more connected to their community and less isolated.

Helping others can also make you feel better about yourself, boosting self-esteem. For some, it also provides a sense of purpose – a reason to get up in the morning which can help ward off depression.

But there’s also physical benefits of volunteering. Research from Carnegie Mellon University found that adults over 50 who volunteered on a regular basis were less likely to develop high blood pressure than non-volunteers. So you might say that volunteering is good for your heart!

While advocacy organisation, Age UK, reported that people who volunteered had their risk of dying reduced by as much as 22%.

Aside from the health and wellbeing benefits, you can learn new skills too.

Opportunities at Amana Living

There’s a vast array of volunteering opportunities at Amana Living across the Perth metropolitan area, as well as at regional centres like Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

If you love people and love having fun, then one of these roles could be for you!

Activities Assistant

Amana Living has a strong focus on providing a full program of activities for our residents and clients to enjoy. Our staff need support to run these programs and you’ll be involved in helping with activities like group exercise sessions, quizzes, various board games and special events.

Outings Assistant

We run regular social outings across the Perth metropolitan area. We need volunteers who can help people get the most out of these outings, encouraging participation, conversation and interaction with others.

Social Support

Help brighten the day of our residents and clients by popping in to have a friendly chat about anything, and everything! Enjoy a cuppa together or go for a walk in the garden, and make a real difference to someone who may not get many visitors or emotional support.

Tune into Life

Tune into Life is our music program for people living with dementia, helping them to reconnect with memories and loved ones through favourite songs. We need volunteers to help staff run the program. Some of the tasks involve creating playlists for the iPods, downloading music from iTunes and assisting with the music sessions.

Tech Team (new)

Assist our residents and clients to access the world around them using our Enrichment iPads. Working with residents and clients in our centres and out and about in the community, Tech Team volunteers empower older adults to surf the net, connect on social media and be entertained.

These are just some of the roles available. We can help tailor the opportunity to suit your interests and aspirations, for example gardening, arts and crafts or even woodwork.

Hear from one of our volunteers

Kevin has been volunteering at Amana Living Edward Collick Home for four years and finds joy in spending time with residents.

Originally from Coffs Harbour in NSW, Kevin and his wife moved to Kalgoorlie-Boulder five years ago to be nearer to his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. One day he visited Edward Collick Home with a local Anglican minister and he enjoyed it so much that he decided to start volunteering there.

“I can chat with anyone and get a great deal of pleasure from making people happy. Some of the residents don’t get a lot of visitors so it’s nice to give them something to look forward to,” said Kevin.

Kevin assists with the barbecue at the monthly residents’ social gathering, but cooking is not the only thing he turns his hand to at Edward Collick Home. He also takes part in the regular church service, and spends quality time with people who just want some company.

“I’ve become part of the family at Edward Collick Home and it’s lovely to see people’s faces light up when they see me," Kevin said. "I’ve gotten very close to the residents and we can talk about anything.”

Start your volunteering journey today

If you’d like to get involved in volunteering at Amana Living, like Kevin, get in touch with our friendly Volunteer Services Coordinator who can talk you through the opportunities available.

Whatever your age, background, abilities and interests, there is likely to be a place for you in our volunteer team.

You don’t need any formal qualifications to be an Amana Living volunteer. You just need to be matched to the right role for you, able to turn every encounter into an opportunity to brighten someone’s day, and willing to pitch in and help – always with a smile!

Plus, all our volunteers receive training via an on-site orientation and ongoing support from our staff. Email or call 9424 6335 to start your volunteering journey today.