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The McCusker Nurse Service is free of charge to carers of people living with dementia.

If this is you, we understand the stress you are under, and the confusion you can feel when you need support and don’t know where to turn.

McCusker Nurses are experienced registered nurses specialising in dementia who can:

  • offer you advice, support and reassurance;
  • provide accurate information on resources available to you; and
  • guide you to the dementia services most likely to help you.

This is a unique service in Australia, developed by Amana Living and funded by the McCusker Charitable Foundation, Perpetual Trustees and Amana Living Anglican Foundation.

To find out more about accessing this service, explore the tabs.


The McCusker Nurse Service provides free support for the carers of those living with dementia.

The McCusker Nurse is a dementia expert, who can help carers and families understand the condition and navigate the support options available to them at any stage in the illness. Your McCusker Nurse walks alongside you, to improve wellbeing and quality of life for both you and the person living with dementia.

By accessing suitable support, the person with dementia is often able to live in their own home for longer with services delivered to them, only moving into residential care when the time is right.

The McCusker Nurse Service operates in specific areas in Perth’s north and south metropolitan regions. Check the Eligibility tab to see the areas covered by this service and how to contact a McCusker Nurse.

How the service works

When you call the McCusker Nurse Service, your issue might be resolved over the phone. If your enquiry is more complex, the Nurse will follow up with a consultation and may refer you to other suitable services.

The Nurse may recommend respite care – either in a day club or overnight in a care centre. This can be an important part of the process, giving you time to recharge and enabling the person with dementia to enjoy tailored activities and connection with others.

Your McCusker Nurse is available to you for as long as you need support.

The McCusker Nurse Service launched in 2011, and won two state awards in 2012 – the prestigious Aged & Community Services WA ‘Excellence in Care’ Award for innovation, and the Edith Cowan University award for early intervention and prevention at the Good Outcomes Awards sponsored by the WA Mental Health Commission.

To access the metropolitan McCusker Nurse Service, you must be living within specific areas north and south of the Swan River in Perth.

You may contact the McCusker Nurse Service if:

  • you are caring for a person living with dementia;
  • your family member is living with dementia; or
  • you are experiencing memory loss or have a diagnosis of dementia.

To find out more, call the Nurse in your area, or ask your health professional to make a referral:

McCusker Nurse North

9424 6396
0417 519 253

McCusker Nurse South

9424 6697
0437 110 928

McCusker Nurses are experienced registered nurses specialising in dementia.

If you are living with dementia, or you are caring for someone who is, the McCusker Nurse Service is here to:

  • offer advice, support and reassurance;
  • provide accurate information on resources available; and
  • guide you to existing dementia services so that you can make the best choice.

Explore the tabs to find out more.

Why would I choose Amana Living dementia services?

Our dementia services have grown from more than 50 years of experience and draw on international best practice. Helping people with dementia to remain as independent as they want to be is a vital part of what we do. With the help of family and our own observation, we work out what each person’s individual social, spiritual and emotional needs are, so that we can take a holistic approach to their care.

In addition, we provide support to family and other informal carers, who are often highly stressed and coping alone in supporting the person living with dementia at home.

How can I find the services that are right for us?

The best way to find the right service or package to suit your circumstances is to call us. We’re here to guide you as to the best options for you. Contact us on 1300 26 26 26.

The person I care for is living with dementia. Are there services that support us both prior to permanent residential care?

McCusker Nurse Service: This is a free service for the carers of those living with dementia. It gives you the best chance of finding your way through the maze of resources and support available to you.

Respite care: Often people with dementia benefit from short-term respite care, either by coming along to one of our clubs or with a short stay in a residential care centre. This is an opportunity for you to have a much-needed break.

Does Amana Living offer permanent residential care for people living with dementia?

Seven of our residential centres offer care tailored for people living with dementia: explore the map to find the centre nearest you. 

How much do dementia services cost?

The cost will depend on the type of respite care you choose and your eligibility for Government support. The McCusker Nurse Service is free and a good place to start if you are eligible. For other services, check the pricing tabs to find out more.

How do I find out if I’m eligible for dementia services?

Depending on your needs and preferences, you may be eligible for Government-subsidised home care or day respite services. We can help you find out what services are available to you and ensure you receive the best care package.

To find out if you are eligible for permanent or respite care in a residential care centre, you must be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Contact your GP to arrange an assessment.

To access the McCusker Nurse Service, you must be living within specific areas north and south of the Swan River in Perth. Go to the eligibility tab for that service to find out more.

I can't thank you enough for your support. Mum and I value and appreciate your professionalism, kindness and understanding. 

Jonelle Kapsalos
February 2017

I just wanted to say thank you for spending the time with me yesterday to go through things about Katie, it is very  much appreciated, and also nice to know that I am sort of on the right track...

I also appreciated you asking me how I was, how I was coping and how did I feel... that was really nice and it is something that people never ask me and I sometimes feel that I am just expected to do what I do ‐ so thank you!

I have some good ideas from our meeting so will start to put them in place and see how we go.

Again, thank you for everything, I really appreciate your friendship and the support you give me...

Sharon Hoes
June 2015


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