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Meet Jane Mbole - Infection Control Consultant

Amana Living has introduced a dedicated COVID-19 infection control team to spearhead our efforts to enhance our infection control procedures, strengthening the protections we have in place against COVID-19. This infection control team consists of an infection control consultant, supported by three registered nurses and 13 infection control champions based at our residential care centres.  

Microfibre a first for residential care

A new microfibre cleaning system at our residential and transition care centres has resulted in better quality cleaning and reduced water consumption. Greg Massam (General Manager Marketing and Commercial Services) outlines the benefits.

The microfibre system is relatively new to aged care in WA, and Amana Living is the first to roll it out across all residential care centres. It represents best practice in the health industry, particularly within the acute sector.

MATV connects residents

A new MATV system at Amana Living Treendale has resulted in greater connection between residents, and a significant reduction in paper use.

The system was included in the new over-55s housing development as a way to encourage inclusiveness. So residents who may feel isolated can easily see what’s happening in the village and feel encouraged to participate in a way that suits them.

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