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Broadband for Seniors program extended

Amana Living resident Garry Wood was engrossed in the cricket scores when we stole this photo. Garry is one of several residents at nine of our sites taking advantage of the Broadband for Seniors program.

The Commonwealth-funded initiative, which was recently extended to June 2017, supplies computers, internet access and technical support for older people in community hubs, libraries, retirement villages and aged care centres.

A grant has enabled Amana Living to provide a Broadband for Seniors trainer to sit with residents and offer support and guidance.

Treendale residents take pride in their village

Amana Living Treendale is a special kind of retirement community, reflecting the Amana Living philosophy. Residents live life with passion and energy, get involved in decision-making, connect with one another, keep fit and active, and have a lot of fun. 

Their new village gazebo represents this spirit. Dreamt up and built by the residents themselves, the gazebo was made possible by the Amana Living Staff Giving Fund. Money raised is dedicated to projects that enrich the lives of residents and clients at Amana Living care centres and villages. 

Couples reunite

As longevity increases, and with it the health and mobility issues associated with ageing, more couples are being forced to live apart when one of them moves into residential care. Often, it is the first time they have been separated, which can be quite devastating after a long life together. 


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