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Microfibre a first for residential care

A new microfibre cleaning system at our residential and transition care centres has resulted in better quality cleaning and reduced water consumption. Greg Massam (General Manager Marketing and Commercial Services) outlines the benefits.

The microfibre system is relatively new to aged care in WA, and Amana Living is the first to roll it out across all residential care centres. It represents best practice in the health industry, particularly within the acute sector.

Virtual support for people living with dementia

In a national first, Amana Living has launched eConnect, a virtual support service for people living with dementia. Peter Mildenhall (General Manager Corporate Assets) explains how it works.

Amana Living has partnered with Telstra Health to use its MyCareManager eHealth platform to deliver the new service, Amana Living eConnect.

Video conferencing and telemonitoring allow more one-to-one support for our clients and their carers, whether that’s counselling, helping them to access services or managing their health.

Music to 'reawaken' memories

Amana Living has launched an innovative music program that uses personalised playlists to ‘reawaken’ people living with dementia.

Based on the US Music and Memory initiative, Amana Living's Tune into Life program involves creating personalised playlists to unlock deep memories that were previously lost. The playlists are loaded onto iPods and played via earphones to shut out extraneous noise.

Governor shows support

Her Excellency the Hon Kerry Sanderson AO, Governor of Western Australia, expressed her support for Amana Living in our mission to improve care and services for WA’s older people, in a visit to the Cottesloe site in April.

Mrs Sanderson became Patron of Amana Living following the retirement from the position of former Governor Malcolm McCusker.

“We were very pleased when Mrs Sanderson accepted our invitation to take up the baton of Patron after she was appointed as the new Governor of WA,” said Ray Glickman.

Amana Living’s new ‘front door’ is open

The new Amana Living Customer Service Centre is open for business in Cottesloe. This initiative follows extensive research into the best way to assist those who come through our ‘front door’. Greg Massam, GM Customer Service Innovation, introduces the staff who are ready to welcome enquiries. 

Our new Customer Service Centre, based in Cottesloe, is an important step in our ‘front door’ project, which involves regenerating all the ways in which people access our services. 


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