Home care

Home care options include social outings

Home care isn't just about having services delivered to your doorstep. The package we put together for you will depend on what you think will make your life better, more enriched, more independent.

This photo was taken on an outing with our Kites social program. Groups of people are matched for their interests and preferences. Then we organise trips and support them with any needs or requests they may have during the outing.

Consumer directed care: what it means for you and how we can help

Are you considering, or receiving, home care services? If so, from 1 July, you have easier access to a wider range of services, and greater control over your budget.

Maria Davison (GM Home Care and Housing) explains the new consumer-focused approach to home care.

What is consumer directed care?

‘Consumer directed care’ (CDC)
is a Commonwealth Government initiative to change the way home care services are delivered in order to increase choice, control and access. Amana Living has been a trial provider for CDC since 2012.


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