Health care

New Aged Care Standards

1 July marks the implementation of a new set of Aged Care Quality Standards which define the standard of care and services the community can expect from organisations. These standards will apply to all aged care services and will be assessed by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC).

Short-Term Restorative Care for Older People

Older West Australians who need intensive support to help them remain living in their own home can now access a Short-Term Restorative Care program.

Amana Living is one of three Perth aged care providers approved to deliver the Government’s Short-Term Restorative Care program, providing a range of health-related services to stabilise a decline in mental and physical abilities, such as a deterioration in mobility. This decline may inhibit an older person’s ability to complete every day activities.

Funding cuts aim at most vulnerable

In its 2016/17 budget, the Federal Government announced a claw-back of more than $1.8 billion from the most vulnerable people in residential care over the next four years. CEO Ray Glickman explains the potential impact of the cuts.

Severe funding cuts announced in the federal budget are focusing on people in residential care with Complex Health Care (CHC) needs: for example, those with chronic pain, degenerative disease, severe arthritis and complex wounds.

Virtual support for people living with dementia

In a national first, Amana Living has launched eConnect, a virtual support service for people living with dementia. Peter Mildenhall (General Manager Corporate Assets) explains how it works.

Amana Living has partnered with Telstra Health to use its MyCareManager eHealth platform to deliver the new service, Amana Living eConnect.

Video conferencing and telemonitoring allow more one-to-one support for our clients and their carers, whether that’s counselling, helping them to access services or managing their health.

Aged care’s return to health

Ray Glickman welcomes the return of Aged Care to Health with the combined portfolios going to Minister Sussan Ley.

“I'm very happy to see that a Minister for Aged Care has been appointed, a promising response to lobbying by our sector,” said Amana Living CEO Ray Glickman.

“It is also encouraging to see the return of aged care to health, which is a great opportunity to more effectively integrate services.

Health care expertise vital

Amana Living has welcomed a leader in the health sector into the new role of General Manager Health Care. The position was anticipated as a result of increasing demands as health care needs rise. Chief Operating Officer Suzi Cowcher outlines the thinking behind the new portfolio.