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Music to 'reawaken' memories

Amana Living has launched an innovative music program that uses personalised playlists to ‘reawaken’ people living with dementia.

Based on the US Music and Memory initiative, Amana Living's Tune into Life program involves creating personalised playlists to unlock deep memories that were previously lost. The playlists are loaded onto iPods and played via earphones to shut out extraneous noise.

Broadband for Seniors program extended

Amana Living resident Garry Wood was engrossed in the cricket scores when we stole this photo. Garry is one of several residents at nine of our sites taking advantage of the Broadband for Seniors program.

The Commonwealth-funded initiative, which was recently extended to June 2017, supplies computers, internet access and technical support for older people in community hubs, libraries, retirement villages and aged care centres.

A grant has enabled Amana Living to provide a Broadband for Seniors trainer to sit with residents and offer support and guidance.

Fragrant flowers in the desert

Residents at Amana Living Edward Collick Home in Kalgoorlie have a new sensory garden to enjoy. 

Sensory gardens are designed to increase awareness of sensory input, and have a therapeutic effect for those living with dementia. 

The area was transformed over two years from red dirt to lush garden with fruit trees and a vegie patch. The main driver behind the project was Centre Operations Manager Barbara Foggin, who has managed the home for eight years. 

Volunteering opportunities

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have a real interest in the quality of life experienced by our older generation as they age. You can help to make a real difference to the lives of Amana Living residents and clients by joining our team as a volunteer.

People from all walks of life can find volunteering fun and rewarding. Whatever your age, background, abilities, personality and interests, there is likely to be a place for you on our volunteer team.

Changes shift focus to individual needs

Our residential facilities are undergoing fundamental changes in work flow and staff roles. The objective is to give staff more opportunities to turn encounters with residents into enriching experiences. GM Residential Care Zenith Zeeman outlines the benefits we are seeing in the first sites to adopt the new approach.

By altering work flows and the way staff work together, and by adjusting staffing levels to match workload across the day, we have increased efficiency at our high care residential facilities, while creating a more relaxed environment. 


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