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21 Sep 2017

Amana Living is proud to be involved in the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture as a supporting partner in 2017. This is the second year we’ve sponsored this amazing competition which provides a showcase for Australia’s premier artists. 

We love celebrating the creative process, and providing artistic experiences for our residents and clients as part of the Amana Living Enrichment Program. The program places a high value on activities that promote lifelong learning, choice and independence, catering for a broad range of abilities, gifts and preferences.

Our involvement with the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture is part of the Enrichment Program and gives our residents and clients further creative outlets. This year we will be offering portraiture workshops at the Art Gallery of WA, as well as guided tours of the Black Swan Prize exhibition featuring 40 works from the finalists.

One of the finalists this year is Alan Green and we’re proud to say he has ties with Amana Living! His wife Irene (although now separated) lives at Amana Living’s Moline Village and Alan spends time with Irene at Moline every week.

Alan has a long love affair with art, creating portraits since he was in school in the north-east of England. He went on to study at The School of Commercial Art, before progressing to the Newcastle College of Art & Industrial Design under the famous Jack Slade. Jack is credited for driving art education in the UK and influencing generations of art students, including Alan.

Upon learning his trade, Alan was an Industrial Designer/Screen Process Printer for a number of years before being head hunted by a subsidiary of Unilever to set-up an art department to proof the designs of their product.

In 1976 Alan and his family moved to Perth on the advice of a doctor who said Western Australia’s climate would be better for his young son’s health. In the 1980s Alan developed the first industrial complex in Joondalup Business Park, setting up an automatic screen process and digital printing business.  

Now 70, Alan is still a keen artist and he says he gets a kick out of seeing people’s reactions to seeing their portrait.

He’s been shortlisted for his portrait of Professor David Joseph, a radiation oncology specialist at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital.  Professor Joseph has been treating Alan for prostate cancer for 7 years which, according to Alan, is now on the run! Painting Professor Joseph’s portrait is Alan’s way of saying thanks to the doctor who he credits for keeping him alive.

Good-luck to Alan and to all other finalists in the 2017 Black Swan Prize for Portraiture. We look forward to sharing your fantastic works with Amana Living residents and clients, potentially inspiring them to pursue their own artistic endeavours.