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Amana Living village resident Joyce Todd and Clinical Nurse Consultant Sue Pettigrew try out the new eConnect system, which is now being rolled out to home care clients living with dementia.
06 Jul 2016

In a national first, Amana Living has launched eConnect, a virtual support service for people living with dementia. Peter Mildenhall (General Manager Corporate Assets) explains how it works.

Amana Living has partnered with Telstra Health to use its MyCareManager eHealth platform to deliver the new service, Amana Living eConnect.

Video conferencing and telemonitoring allow more one-to-one support for our clients and their carers, whether that’s counselling, helping them to access services or managing their health.

We will also use the portal to deliver regular information updates by our McCusker Nurses (dementia specialists) and to facilitate an informal network connecting carers to encourage sharing of experiences.

Amana Living is the first provider in the country to implement the service with people living with dementia, and the first to use all four elements of MyCareManager in aged care:

Video conferencing

This enables practitioners, such as GPs, Amana Living Home Care Coordinators, counsellors and McCusker Nurses, to participate in joint video calls with the client, carer and family members.

Remote health monitoring (telehealth)

Home care clients are provided with devices like glucometers, weight scales and blood pressure cuffs that send vital sign measurements directly to Amana Living staff. This helps staff to remotely monitor and manage chronic conditions.

Online portal

The secure portal enables clients or their carers to be more involved in their own healthcare by giving them access to their health records, appointments, Consumer Directed Care budget and care plans.

Integration with home care service

Amana Living eConnect will integrate with ComCare, the mobile system currently used by our home care staff to access a client’s record. Linking this with telehealth monitoring means data is updated in real time, so staff can respond more quickly to changes in health needs.

The new service is part of a wider program, which will eventually see all our home care clients able to use Amana Living eConnect in their own homes.


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