Microfibre a first for residential care

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Amana Living Hospitality staff Pascal Tholasse and Shylesh Pillai are pictured here with the new microfibre cleaning system.
08 Jul 2016

A new microfibre cleaning system at our residential and transition care centres has resulted in better quality cleaning and reduced water consumption. Greg Massam (General Manager Marketing and Commercial Services) outlines the benefits.

The microfibre system is relatively new to aged care in WA, and Amana Living is the first to roll it out across all residential care centres. It represents best practice in the health industry, particularly within the acute sector.

Microfibre achieves a cleaner environment for our residents because it removes dirt rather than moving it across a surface.

Staff say they really like the new system: it enables them to clean much more quickly and removes the need to lift heavy buckets and wring mops.

An added benefit is in water-saving. The microfibre flat mop system uses a maximum of 6 litres of water compared with a minimum of 20-30 litres using the old mop-and-bucket approach.

As the system becomes embedded and carpets are replaced with vinyl, we expect to see water savings of 218,000 litres per year.


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