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26 Aug 2015

A new MATV system at Amana Living Treendale has resulted in greater connection between residents, and a significant reduction in paper use.

The system was included in the new over-55s housing development as a way to encourage inclusiveness. So residents who may feel isolated can easily see what’s happening in the village and feel encouraged to participate in a way that suits them.

“Sometimes residents are a little shy about heading over to the village leisure centre to check the noticeboard,” said Operations Manager Greg Scroop. “This is an easy way for them to see what’s going on and decide what they want to participate in from the comfort of their own home.”

Paper-saving is a great spin-off benefit, which sits well with the organisation’s commitment to reducing waste.

“I no longer need to print and distribute information to residents,” said Housing Coordinator Anna Aviet. “It now goes onto a thumb drive to be uploaded to the MATV system, which is channelled through to each resident’s TV. Communication is quick, can be updated at any time, and uses no ink or paper.” 

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