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24 Aug 2015

Dynamic student support service Student Edge has chosen Amana Living as its partner for promoting careers in aged care. 

Student Edge oversees the production of the Channel 7 careers program for high school and undergraduate students, I Wanna B. In the first series, Amana Living Service Manager Sharon Maitland took part in a brief interview to throw a spotlight onto aged care as a challenging and appealing career choice. 

This year, a video featuring two more of our employees – Parry Hostel Service Manager Mark Backhouse and Home Care Customer Service Coordinator Leonie Demunck – will be released online. Mark and Leonie talk about career paths in the aged care industry, and why they love their jobs, helping to raise the profile of aged care among students. 

“We have been shifting our approach to recruitment to have a much stronger presence on the internet via digital marketing strategies,” said Jenny Williams, GM Human Resources. 

“These strategies support us in building large talent pools from which to draw good quality candidates as roles become vacant. 

“Into the future we are going to face challenges around having enough qualified candidates who are also the right people to care for our clients and residents. We are working to establish strategies that will ensure Amana Living is always the first choice for quality candidates.” 

The career video will be available on the Amana Living website, Facebook page and YouTube. We will publish links in the next edition of Amana Life. 

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