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Covid-19 Update

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Amana Living takes COVID-19 very seriously and is working hard to make sure we can safely provide our care and services to our community’s most vulnerable.

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Amana Living takes COVID-19 very seriously and is working hard to make sure we can safely provide our care and services to our community’s most vulnerable.
A message from the CEO

The health and safety of our residents, clients and staff is our number one priority.

Our team has worked incredibly hard to put steps in place to make sure we can safely provide care and services to older people across all areas of the organisation.

This page will provide updates on the latest measures in place at Amana Living to protect our community.

Last updated – 20 January 2021.

COVID-19 daily update

Advice for visitors and families

The West Australian Government’s daily update gives a snapshot of the past 24 hours. It is published mid-morning and can be found on the Health Department website.

All WA Government announcements in regards to COVID-19 can be found on its website.

Over the past few months, borders have opened and closed with very little notice, and interstate visitors who arrived without restrictions have suddenly had to go into isolation.

The current travel advice (as of 20 January 2021) from the West Australian Government is:

  • From Monday 25 January, travellers from New South Wales and Queensland will be permitted to enter WA. On arrival, they will undergo health screening and a temperature test at Perth Airport, and must be prepared to take a COVID-19 test should it be deemed necessary. They will need to self-isolate for 14 days and present for COVID-19 testing on day 11.
  • Travellers from Victoria will have to complete 14 days of self-isolation, and present for a COVID-19 test on day 11.
  • From Saturday 9 January, a hard border with Queensland was reinstated. Travel from Queensland is not permitted unless you are an exempt traveller.
  • Anyone who arrived in WA from Queensland between 2 and 9 January must have gone immediately into self-isolation in a suitable premise, and present for COVID testing.
  • Travel from New South Wales is not permitted unless you are an exempt traveller.
  • Face masks are now mandatory at airports in WA, and while travelling on an aircraft.

Home Care Clients

When your Amana Living Community Support Worker comes to your door, it is important that you openly and honestly answer all of their questions. Your services will not stop if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions. If you need to self-isolate and need extra support, please speak to your Client Service Manager.

Retirement Village Residents

Please contact your Village Manager if you are about to travel, or on your return if you have travelled outside of Western Australia.

If you need to self-isolate, do not use communal facilities until after you have completed your isolation period and have received a negative COVID-19 test result. Your Village Manager can arrange extra assistance during this period.

Your family and friends who are required to self-isolate are not permitted to do so at an Amana Living Village site.

Please let us know should you have interstate visitors, even from states where there are no restrictions. This will enable us to act if travel advice suddenly changes.

Prospective visitors to Amana Living Residential Care Centres

Any visitor who is required to self-isolate must not attend an Amana Living residential care centre until after they have completed their 14 days in isolation and have received a negative COVID test result.

As always, we require proof that you have received a flu vaccination.

Please do not visit if you, any member of your family, or people you have been in close contact with have any flu-like symptoms.

If you cannot visit in person, we can arrange for you to speak to your loved one online through our Keep Connected program. Please call the administrative assistant at your loved one’s care centre to arrange a call.

Our COVID-19 response

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