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The Amana Living ECO (Environmentally Conscious Organisation) Team is on a mission:

To promote a healthier environment for future generations by minimising the Amana Living carbon footprint via waste reduction, energy and water savings, and recycling. Where savings are made, resources are reinvested for the benefit of residents and clients.

By paying attention to energy use across the organisation, we have substantially reduced overall power consumption in recent years.

An internal grant scheme has resulted in a switch-over to LED lighting in high use areas at some of our sites. This is one initiative that has had an enormous impact on our carbon footprint. Others include an air-conditioner replacement program.

We’re also indebted to staff, who keep their eyes and ears open, and contribute ideas for sustainable waste-reduction projects. For example, the following two projects have led to a drop in water consumption.

  • Following the lead of environmentally conscious hotels, staff at one of our care centres are stopping to consider whether items such as towels really need to go into the laundry.
  • At another site, water has been saved by converting grass on verges to wood chips and planting more areas with water-saving native shrubs.

We’re always looking for ways to reduce, reuse or recycle, and some of our top level meetings are now paperless.

Amana Living donates old computer equipment that is still usable to Anglicare for sale in their op shops. If it can’t be reused, it is recycled, and if it can’t be recycled, it is disposed of responsibly. We have used Databank to destroy a hard drive and recycle the components, and a total of 87 phones have also been recycled.

We’re also conscious that when we put fleet cars onto the road, we don’t want to cancel out our good work, so chose the hybrid Toyota Prius as our passenger vehicle model and we monitor our emissions.

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