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One of my favourite pieces of scripture is Ecclesiastes 3 (verses 1 to 8) which begins: ‘For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven ...’

It speaks of the rhythm of life, and the rhythm of human experience, which every generation, past, present and future, is able to relate to and connect to their experience of life. It speaks of the contrasting rhythm of life, the light and the darkness, the pain and the joy, the sowing and the reaping, the tears and the laughter.

It is an individual experience, while also being universal. It is individual because of the uniqueness of each person’s life. It is universal due to the shared nature of our experiences of life – experiences that enable us to gain glimmers of understanding, develop empathy towards one another, build connections and come together in community through our shared humanity.

This is the reality, the earthiness of life, experienced to varying degrees by each of us – some more than others, some less than expected.

All within Amana Living – our residents, clients, staff, families and volunteers – bring with them their unique rhythm, drawing one another into the universal dance of life. It’s a dance that, at times, can be a gentle and slow waltz, and at other times an exuberant, fast-paced salsa. Whatever our experience, it is this connection that enables us to care for and be supportive and nurturing towards one another.

May the spirit of the creative God continue to draw you into the rhythm of life; may you dance with love and hope.

Revd Deborah Joyce

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