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Retirement Living


Many factors or changes in personal circumstances may lead to consideration of a move to a retirement community.  Amana Living’s philosophy for its Retirement Villages is that they should be much more than just a real estate development.  They are communities designed for fully independent older people, and offer a variety of accommodation styles and amenities.

The beauty of a Village lifestyle is the easy access residents have to friendship and social activities. Retirement Village life rekindles the sense of community spirit while at the same time retains privacy and independence for each individual. Each Village has its own unique atmosphere and offers full use of a range of recreational facilities.  Residents’ Committees operate at most centres and this means that most of the activities are arranged for the residents by the residents.

For Residents who need a little extra help but who want to stay living in the village, Amana Living Home Care provides a full range of support options. This service is also avaliable to non-residents. For futher information please call 9424 6825.

Depending upon your financial circumstances, and the village you want to live in. You have the choice of purchasing a lease for life, or opting for a resident funded, or subsidized tenancy.

Lease for Life 
These units are funded on a deferred management fee basis.  The resident pays an entry contribution (based on the current market value of the unit) when they move in.  When they leave, the unit is marketed and the incoming resident pays the market price to Amana Living.  Amana Living deducts its Deferred Management Fee and any costs associated with preparing the unit for sale, and pays the balance to the previous resident.  The Deferred Management Fee at the time of the sale is calculated as follows: sale price x agreed percentage x number of years the resident lived in the unit (3% capped at 10 years).  Amana Living Lease for Life Villages are listed below:  

The following links take you to videos about our lease-for-life villages:

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*  Units in these villages are marketed by our preferred realtor (Seniors Own (08) 9243 1366) when they become available. We do not hold wait lists for these villages but we are able to provide you with any further information you require about the facilities. Please telephone Deborah Seares on (08)9424 6821.

Resident funded units 
The resident pays an entry contribution which consists of two parts;
A non refundable portion and a fully refundable portion (without interest) which is returned to the resident when they leave the village. Amana Living Resident Funded Villages are listed below:

Subsidised units
We are conscious that not everyone can afford the full price of a Retirement Living unit, so we offer a number of units across our villages where Amana Living subsidizes the price of entry.

These villages required a non-refundable contribution, however it is significantly less than it would be if Amana Living were not subsidizing the cost of the unit.  If you apply for a subsidized unit, we will assess your assets and income and we will at our discretion offer some of our units as a straight rental with a rent in lieu of the non refundable entry contribution. The assessment of assets and income is confidential between Amana Living and the resident.  Amana Living Subsidised Villages are listed below:

In all cases, a weekly operating cost rent is also charged, payable two weeks in advance and direct debited fortnightly from your account.

Please contact Laura Kelsey from Amana Living for further information on 1300 26 26 26